10 x Rostio CSD Sanding Disc 125 mm black Reingungss Dartboard Set | Rostentferner for Flex Angle Grinder


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Product Description

5 x Battery grinding disc 125 mm Battery Cleaning Disc For Flex and angle grinders
This battery sanding disc cleaning disc is ideal for materialschonenden removal of varnish, rust, underbody coatings, Zunder, Silkonfugen and anything else you can think of. High quality nylon backing with silicon carbide grain.
Extremely easy on the material
Unlike other discs and brush work with a battery disc very material, on metal takes place next to no removal of material. We use only coatings such as varnish, Zunder, start-up colours etc Removes without healthy metal with Abzutragen.
Extremely especially suitable for removing rust, and Entlacken
Rust is not to be removed with rotating wire brushes in drills or flex/angle grinder. If you use this method mixes/smear the rust with its removal of material from the material of the wire brush and will be packed securely by our professional team in healthy metal rings. It is a silver and black layer the stainless steel, it is not. New Rust is pre-programmed. This layer can be removed then no longer.
Subsequent treatment in rust:
For the treatment of rust, we recommend the Rostio Rostentferner Gel The rust completely from the pores to remove. Good for or hard to reach places, such as such as the cavities and Falze, we recommend the Rostio Rust Converter.


  • Box contents: set 10 x Battery windscreen cleaning disc for angle grinders for removing rust
  • Dimensions of the battery grinding wheel: 125 mm x 13 mm x 22.2 mm schwarz
  • Application: Rust Removal | Entlacken | Entzundern | Zunder remove rusted removed
  • Grinding Disc for flex/Angle Grinder Grinding Max. Speed: 13,300 rpm
  • CBS grinding wheel | highly effective Rostentferner for metal. Removes Colour, paint etc. without stripping of healthy material
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